Saturday, July 30, 2011

21 plus free tools for website traffic analytics

There are many online tools available but unfortunately they are not free so i had included some of the best free tools for getting a better view of your website traffic to know the demographic of how much traffic is coming from which sources
If i donot talk about the google analytics it wont be a good idea because it provide most indepth analytics you would ever need perticularly if you combine its result with google webmaster tools and  adword it cant be beaten in the game so you should try it first all you have to do is paste a piece of code in you site to get the required info from your account info space 
SITEMETER is also providing detail overview of whats on and whats not beside providing you a reciprocal backlink. as you can see from the details, the con part is it always shows up pop up message to upgrade and hold some info from you unlike google anayltics you donot have the full control over the information, it also do not show realtime status on the website itself that part i donot like so far each time you have to visit the website to know whats going on
The best part of blvd status is its free and easy to use i really like the animation it show its real fun using it i utilised in some of my website it would be good choice for the begainer also
Very populer website and used by over 3 million website owner worldwide,user friendly,easy to use and dependable 
It shows the visitor by flag representing the country of the visitor on your website its look preety cool to find evey visitor country without going into details
A more professional approach of hits from different sites it also help to know which hit is coming from forum and ads







website traffic,keyword,marketing strategies,refferals search engine these are the main features covered by site webstatus,easy to use free site tools


Mainly shows unique,loyal visitor info as well number of page impression overall and unique


Realtime visitor tracking,demographic and more when you place their code on you site

All details isn one page include search engine result trends traffic demographic and more just for you

this is also a flag based website which gives you a idea of which country are the visitor coming form also the keyword which drives the most traffic
Formerly a small search engine for blog also has the feature to track the visitor of your website if you install their widget on the site


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