Friday, February 4, 2011

Astro alert

Astro lover beware another fraud astrology merchent detected at jodhpur in the name of suresh and alies of Tantra sidhi kendra,19-20 high court colony jodhpur,rajasthan,india,sending useless items without consent of asker who call them through phone no 0291261562 or 02912621625 email id a recent victim Aparna mukherjee from varanasi was convinced to part Rs 1500 for things sent over Vpp which did not work after 90day as described asking them got a reply that your house has lot of negativity hence its not working. Afterwall you r paid to end the negativity if it did'nt work then your product is useless.


bonu said...

we are modern but we trust jotashi we trust trantik but we forget everything we lost our mind not working

bonu said...

bee carefull some guys stolen your blogs so when you off then logout and change password

bonu said...

three day s anna visit varanasi and stay for 4days . and what your mind who is anna i dont know on your mind ?

bonu said...

public are angry politicalparty drama when vote coming politicalparty playagame with public public are not foll they know everything every dog has a day

bonu said...

what going on 21may 2011 6pm pray god

Raju Mukherjee SEO said...

Finally today rained ah relif

Komal Sethi said...

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