Thursday, December 23, 2010

Horoscope Gemini 2011

This is a mix year for gemini first four month would change the way u feel about life. Expect more this year. If youre attached to buissness related ground may find overwhelming performance for other just an average year until october november when things will change and stay that way for next 2 to 3 years. Healthwise be on caution unexpected occurance r likely specially june july. Family man may get new member in their family. Those who studying would get good result. Overall a mixed year. Email me with your detail to get a personalized horoscope.

Horoscope 2011 taurus

For taurus this year brings joy and harmony, ist three month need special attention for health, a good news from abroad is expected property related dispute would turn into your favour and solve. Long journey is forseen twice this year but the outcome is doubtfull. Planetary movement of saturn would cause confusion in relation ship, stay focused this year. Those who r not married may find their soulmate this year. Financially new horizon would open up and more cashflow would generate. Flow white flower in river or sea on friday for betterment. Contact me on my email for personalized horoscope and stones.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Aries 2011 forecast

This year brings new gifts for the aries this year would bring great promotion and improvement in your life both financialy and mentaly. The saturn in sixth phase would destroy your enemies and old illness. Your intellectual and working skill will improve . Health would cause minor problem.un married may get married. You may feel hunted due to position of jupitor. Thinkbefore how you interact with new person. You would spend more time in spiritual activities. Get disturbed by family member and friend till may 3. You have to work hard to success this year. You may have to worry about elders health this year. You would find a ceremony of some sort in the later half of the year. The more you struggle the more successfull u r. Time upto seven teen june is the best part of the year.


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