Friday, July 15, 2011

tataphoton wiz another fraud

populer tata photon wiz is currently steALING for bandwidth fooling people that they can get 153 kbps but in reality they are actually giving 15 to 20 kbps download and upload speed weather pick or no n pick hour for 555 ruppess mothly and they expect people to pay that after they had descovered the speed they offer can be got with gsm sim and 1800rupees datacard of micromax and monthly 98 recharge with any sim you like who allows laptop use on sim like aircel and bsnl to name few so why spend for 2g when we can get 3g for same price

how to hack a ptc site

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How 2 get money in paypal/alertpay by hacking PTC Sites



Things Needed
1)Get yourself Mozilla Firefox Here - Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable
2)Get the addon "Reload Every" Here -

1) Go to check that the cmpany is using a anti fraud software or not if then you need hacking software a proxy server firewll like hide my ip etc to hide your ip everytime remember they are clever and you have to be cleverer fools have no room in hackers world you would soon land up in jail that way
2) I know its in chiese  language, use google translater
3) Register and login to your accout
4) Click on a  view advertisement and open it in a tab.
5) Wait for the  greenTick sign to appear.
6) Then right click and choose "This Frame." and let the  click open in new tab.
7) So obviously you must be getting a Cross sign right?
8) so you will see this part - you edit the umber ad zero behid 4430
9) [Can't remember but you just need the ad=31[Or ur ad number]
10) Then just add this behind the number example
do it at yourrisk
11) Basicly u just need alot of 00000 at the back of the advertisement number
12) Now, right click and chose reload every.
13) Click custom and make it 0Minutes 1Seconds.
14) WALA REDEEM THE MONEY AND BUY an upgrade or somrthing.

Notes - Stop at minimum payout cashout then continue you dont wat get your balance forfeited if any thing get wrong thirdly chooose fresh id for experiment and use fake emails, Dont be a fool like me and earn $12 and then redeem, cause i just earned myself a IP Ban, now i have to use proxy sites
and redeem which is pity annoying..
Method two:
Works 100%

1) Download Mozilla
2) Download Cheat engine 5.4
3) Open Mozilla go to 1 of the site's in method one
4) Open Cheat engine, scan process: firefox.exe press enable speed hack and make it a radnom value ( 5.0 recommend)
5) Click on a radnom ad on the sites
6) It will count down very fast.
7) read this for extra:

Quote Originally Posted by daedelus View Post
add a zero before the last number 51 is the original ad

now do this 051 and reload after green tick

then do 0051 and reload after green tick

continue as needed

MY TIP (if timer always takes 30 secs):
Download Cheatengine ( Just google )
Open it scan Mozilla and enable speedhack, the time will go faster now! gl.

holy reason iimproper kawarias

travelling for a good cause is ok specially when every year thaousands of kawaria travel to worship and pay tribute by offering water at different location around the india but they forget when they travel most of them travel without ticket which is a social crime and dont work out on a journey of holy reason i mean you going for a good reason to loose sin not to earn them by doing social crime by not buying a ticket what you expect god to think of you a joke or a showoff


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