Saturday, October 22, 2011

pocket pc at large part 2

why go buying pc hundred of dollar worth when it available cheap
cheap android is here

when hrd minister introduced this gadget back people were cheering about it intact no body thought that and android could come this cheap. At Rs 1700 it sound unbelievable but it is true that it good at that price. But when you go deep inside the body you would find that the battery backup is not good though it has almost all the feature of a basic mobile device and also have camera, Bluetooth even WiFi at this price.
Now the Bangalore based company along with Hyderabad based company has thought of manufacturing this product so it may be priced a little higher for the mass. As for the Govt there is a subsidy from them for the student only. Well when i was young I didn't got this offer bad govt should have given a PC then. this is partiality i do not like it.

beside the pocket PC has all sort of enhancement you can expect from the android gadget. rumors say it would available at dollar 50 that is Rs 2500 Indian rupees now that some kind of good money nowadays not android but some Nokia phones like Nokia c2 can be acquired at the price. If that is not you can get a cheap int ex phone or may be lava or say lea phone also micro max, Samsung and list goes on and on.
Plenty of mobiles now a days available at those range as every dick and dale is trying to get to cheap segment of the Indian market. Android market is only the second stage of such revolution which you see now.
Those days are not far when you would see plenty of android use and throw away phone hovering around corner in every hand of young and old generation so what is the problem if that happens i don't see except it may be a bad story for the long lasting mobile phone technology. What we may see a short time mobile handset boom that is going to stay around as long the mentality of keeping long term mobile is not established within the Indian public. so as long as that is not happening the rest is up to the future. For now what we can figure is slowly portable market of every thing portable is evolving fast around and start with portable tv set then come tape recorder, then music system, PC into laptop and further to net books and iPod and now finally to pocket pc who know we may see next in a micro cheap in our brain, whatever happens the possibility is endless as long there is requirement new invention would continue to go on and we would see more of such portable system in the future in the next ten years can be setting new landmarks for the technology gadget if the current rate of growth

Now this pocket PC akash is here among us and every one who have a low budget wan't t give a try. Now days cheap mobile sets which turns into trash comes at this price so what do you expect at this price
with 7 inch touch screen 800x 780 display resolution what you can expect at this price
with handwriting recognisation and pen drive support' it gives you more then you pay
Wi-fi(mother of gprs but hard to find a hotspot this days in india),gprs
366 MHZ processor yeah yeah 600 Mhz is minimum but what do you expect at the price
3G (very expensive in India) I donot thing anybody would actually use it unless net addicts
low battery backup 2 to 3 hours with non removable lithium powered battery this is serious problem for rural areas in India
Great working with Amd chipset with graphic andHD video accelerator but heats up a lot
averageHeadset control you have to buy a new pair
Multi touch ressistive screen
1 year warrenty but you have to take to a shop nearby at your cost which is not covered by the company
Cheap device but at a cost saying this because you won't get everything at the price I hope you understand what i mean
2Gb flash RAM not sata drive or something flashy it has been kept plain and simple due to the price and there is no upgrade availabel nor is possible
Any way this gadget is populer now but soon people would be dissapointed by the experience and go away for others. As more mobile maunfacturer may think of finding some thing for the people so you may find a replacement from leading manufacaturer in the future who more about read the full post
So do you have a akash at your home or planning to buy one share
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