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2012 aquarius horoscope

2012 Aquarius Horoscope

2012 Horoscope Aquarius


You would be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard toils of the last few years in this year of 2012. Much socializing is predicted in this year for you. You might meet up with unwarranted confrontations this year. Meet up with it head on. In fact this combating spirit would be good if healthy in a sense. Some of your resolutions shall take wings and land on better grounds. Though occasional minor unhappiness are predicted for the first quarter of the year, it would be a generally rosy year for you. Your perspective of life shall see a major change and put good use of your knowledge for a better rewarding future.


This year shall land you in a new phase of professional life. You shall be armed with much freedom and independence in your work place like never before. Pursue your ambitions with renewed vigor and you would be able to meet a considerable amount of your pursuits. Legal and authoritative influences shall help you in your endeavours. Beware of people who might land you in troubled waters. Do not commit anything to such people.


It would be a better year when compared to your previous financial years. Better inflow of income is guaranteed clubbed with a better career performance. Some unwanted expenditure related to medical issues likely to bother your spirits. But do not lose your hope. You have much stored for the rainy das ahead. Do not be too stingy in your financial moves, make some way for charity and luxurious pursuits as well. Of course, you got a fully loaded purse!!. 2012 shall bring in some gains through speculative deals and real estate ventures.


The year 2012 would be a more passionate and romantic year for you as far as your love relationships are concerned. Make sure you expose your inner self to your partner without any negative consequences. This is an apt time to settle down with a better agreeing partner than one who confronts you in all your personal matters with cynicism. If not into a relationship you will see a surge of sensuous longing. Do not restrain yourself into your cocoon. Come out and show the world that you have soft feelings too. This year shall provide ample opportunities for improving any strained relations.


Health needs utmost care as you are aging as the years moves on. Practice better health habits and inculcate the same in your family members too. Your moral life might see some down slides. Beware not to fall into a deeper hole. Closely monitor your dental and mental health this year. It would be wise on your part to take a long walk daily or do some routine exercises to keep your bones and muscles strong and supple. For all Horoscope 2012 Aquarius.
2011 Aquarius Horoscope

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