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2012 libra horoscope

2012 Libra Horoscope
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2012 Libra Horoscope

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2012 Horoscope Libra


Life would be much happier, contented and lighter for Libras this year of 2012. You would be empowered by much freedom than before this period. Concentrate on your inner-self and do some spiritual rejuvenation. New relationships are likely to come into your life this season. Peace and harmony shall prevail for most of the year. Financial and legal entanglements are forecast for the year, hence beware of the consequences. Deadlines and resolutions shall not be met and shall go with the wind.


More scope for growth and achievement in your career field are forecast for the year of 2012. But be cautious not to spend much of your energy on the same. Go slowly, meeting one deadline at a time. Some high risk ventures are to be taken care with caution and ease. New contracts and agreements are likely to be signed in your favour this period. Teamwork shall do well and take your creativity to new heights. Make sure your give in a major share of your effort to any task that comes by the way.


Stability in your financial field is forecast for the year of 2012. However make sure you do not heed to unwanted expenditure in life. Of course, some expenses related to health issues for family members might hinder your financial development, but this cannot be avoided. Some spending might be needed for revamping your house or wardrobe. Do have a long term vision for your finances. Invest careful avoiding all types of speculative deals. The end of the year shall see you in a comfortable financial position than the year before.


Your love life would see calm and settled waters this year of 2012. Whatever that happened last year can be taken as a warning signal in your love life. Take time to understand the moves, likes and dislikes of your partner. In that way, you can control your emotions and desires. If frustrations and loss of partner comes on the way do not lose your heart. It is just a passing phase of your love life. Avoid impatience of all sorts for this year. If already into a relationship this year shall see a more matured you as far as relationships are concerned.


The first half of the year shall see you in good health and cheer. You are predicted with renewed energy and a positive spark in life. Indulge in some pleasurable activities but make sure you do not overdo the same. Do pat yourself on the back then and now to comfort your inner self that you are on the right health track. Some aches, pains, minor illnesses are forecast for the last quarter of 2012. Keep yourself going despite the hindrances.

2011 Libra Horoscope

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