Saturday, April 30, 2011

Things to know for mobile users

Mobile had become important in our life. But according to recent research people are unable to sleep,also diziness,lackness of concentration,late reaction,low memory,headache indigesation,heart attacks due to rays from towers are seen.
how to use

keep away from body to reduce ear and neck pain
donot keep under pillow
switch off while driving
visit for more

Nokia tie up with Aircel 3g

Recently nokia tie up with Aircel telecom to promote its 3g handset with aircel. The offer currently available with c2-01,c5-05,e5 handsets from nokia. If you activate aircel pocket internet 3g on this handset within 72 hrs of purchase by sending Smart pi to 54343 to activate you can enjoy 3gb data and 100min video calling absolutely free. more on telecom and tech sector and also visit for gprs

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

forcast may 2010 leo

ist may to 7th  take care on the roads,useless tension may build up,court decion in your favour,new love,may get money from unexpected sources,you may go to amarriage party,officers would be happy from you.on 7th completion of important event would make you home happy moments would increase

Sunday, April 24, 2011

poor children not going school

today i am going ganga ghat see 5year to 9 year children sell photo idli flower shoe polish some children guiden the tourist and sleppar boy clean the road some children beggar one of them blind gps this is our india if you come india pls help us they not going school my wish if you donate some rupees for this children i buy a new home and open school siksha is important our life pls come and join us your help need canara bank account no 0365108030207

Friday, April 22, 2011

dont bee worry

one year how much money you save? think about it if waiset money and you have no ideia then come my i will solveyour problem

Life values

Do you remember 3 monkey which appeals not to do,watch,speak,and hear bad things because if you see them it would come into your life, if you think about them it become a part of you. If you speak them you become bad.
A person is never bad it in his character behabiour,if it changes the person changes. Every one works for himself but the true happiness is in working for others.


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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Endavour satelite final cut

Scheduled to launch on april 29th 3.43 hrs the space shuttle been inspected for final take off on april 29th. The main parts of machinery from engine,propaltion system,orbitory system are re inspected for any lass minute misshapps on april 29. The endovour space shuttle is going to carry alpha magnetic needle and additional fuel for two s band channel in dexter. Good luck. We donot want app 13

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


9 year child heart diseas nèed möney opd canarabank account 0365108030207 her mother nèed your help if you help him give that boy a new life give your help by sending money to the above account



Sunday, April 17, 2011

9 month May not be enough Japan

Japan nuclear disaster which killed 28000 people is compared with world war 2 disaster. While japan nuclear experts are trying to cool down the damaged reactor also to stop more redioactive material leak to pacific ocean but the time frame to comlete task may not meet the deadline as the radiation levels are to high for a human to go there and the tech geek japans robots are not designed to clear and handle nuclear disaster. So everything is on calculation basis

Google and china fights over gmail

Due strict rule in china china blocked gmail along with social networking site like facebook and twitter there which china govt thinks a threat to itself. Previously google withdrawn chini language from china and limited it to hongkong because its sites were hacked and data stolen of lawyer. Currently the conrovery goes on and on

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New telescope for Internet

Nasa recently launched new telescope equiped with infrared technology that makes normal internet user to watch stars,planets,galaxy,asteroids with the help of internet connection which cannot be seen with naked eyes. What happened actually is Nasa launched Wise satelite back in 1983 which on his way captored millions of pictures that collection made available on the Nasa website to seen. Further due to some internal problem the mission could not be proceed and the satelite Wise is currently on hibernation. 30,000 or more astroid and 20 new comets have been found in the process and would fun to see it when released in Public.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Samsung loose market share of profit

Samsung a korean based company faces massive drops in sales mainly due to crystal display shortage in galaxy s series , no demand in new galaxy due to poor display , also due to low demand in tv sets and laptop sector, samsung manage to keep up on memory chip market which covers harddisk and micro sd cards. Share prices fell 1.5 percent on the news for number 2 mobile company in the world

Monday, April 4, 2011

World cup 2011 celebrating with duplicate trophy

The original world cup was seized by customs officer for want of excise tax of 22 lacks. They said they would release when the tax is paid. The duplicate trophy was showed with the ad and the revenue could have exchanged for original trophy. The custom said the tax provisön for world cup was fair because of commercialization of world cup

Delhi alert Earthquake shakes northern india

With a rector scale of 5.7 and centre at nepal india boarder parts of nothern india like delhi,gajiabad,noida, dehradun,almora,bageswar,jaipur,chandigar,rampur,lakhimpur,khauri ,merut,moradabad,lucknow, feels at 5.01 pm evening ist. It was felt for 30 second. Punjab and harayana also felt the earth shaking. delhi has highest risk of earthquake of 7rector scale.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

India beats srilanka to win icc world cup 2011

Finally india won icc worldcup 2011 after bombarding balling on srilankans and a great batting overtook 274 runs with a last moment anaxity with 6 wicket in hand you should have seen sachin congrating gautam gambhir on the win. So whats next

Top ten essential blog submission directory

Internet is full of blog directory which would return you the best nobody would tell you that,most of the directories are struggling for traffic while others are qued up some need you to pay them and some placce a button or two on your site.. The 10 sites are  <a href='
></b> its a free registration site with a reciprocal link you can get 50 to 100 visitor from this site
bloglines=very simple and straight forward site and claiming your site a difficult task very selective site they dont approve every blog site in india only gives you fair amount of backlink
topofblogs=free simple submission site but indexing is slow
blogadda =free simple site may prove worthy in long term listing only need to approve your site but once listed its worthy every penny
blogs,com=easy listing and shows  in listing
british blogs=a link from these is worthy,but its repeats its link in your webpage so watch out there
globe of = a begainer site but may prove worthy in long term =a begainer site but worth the effort = a intermiediate site gives you a decent visitor for your site
readblogs.come=easy and fair listing but how much traffic i not seen any
bloggs=simple and straight
blograting=they first rate then approve on email easy to list and search result increases in google
blgramma = need to paid up dont know the resultne
spillbeans=need to be paid up
boing boing=i could not find the submit page but they need to be paid
dmoz= worthe free llisting if approved
yahoo=cost 300 bucks to get listed
blogapedia=just another site to get listed in
<B>search engine submission</B>
beside blogs you should try seach engine submission people dont go to blog directory this day they use search engine only top few directory like technorati comes in mind. visit this site web site for a shortcut you can do it your self i do my and repeat every 90 dayswho know they forget.
happy blogging and do come back and share
you are important always

How to submit your blog to Technorati

The answer is very for submitting your blog at the technorati you need to follow five simple step
one create a account at technorati donot worry its free. In the your account section look for claim blog section click it and follow instruction. Simple

Friday, April 1, 2011

Best tricks to improve luck

Daily there are times you should avoid going out if you have to go during those do the following tricks
monday between 7.3
to 9am see your face in the mirror,before leaving toward east,
tuesday eat coriander seed before going to the west at 15 to 16.3
wednesday eat joggery before going out,thursday have curd,friday have musturd,saturday have black peeper,sunday betal leaf.

Horoscope 2011 change your fate

If you want to change the fate you just wear this stones and notice the change in your life.buying and wearing wont work you have make them alive with mantras you can do it yourself or through a pandit.or we can do it for you for a nominal charge.
scor red stone
leo ruby or sun stone
sagatarius_yellow diamond

Horoscope 2011 aries special

You give more time to family and friends, from 2 nd , 3rd and 4th april goodtime have arrived,your desire is going to fulfill, new job or offer on the card,you may face bad situation in love relation beware enemy,your old investment would give you benefit can get good profit from stock would win in property related matter.dont say bad words to get good news between 24 and above average month

Salary hike minister?why!

Double salary from 8k to 25k p.m and regional allowence from 12. To 25k stationary from 1k to 5 k furniture allow to 50k from 25k,daily all to 1k pension incresed but what about normal public where 6% increase in da donot have any impact infact decreasing salary via depriciation

New bus code

Now fancy bus body with no cover for accident is effective immediately for new buses where as for old bus a chance to change body has been given till october thereafter buses would be seized

World cup 2011 will India win

A smashing play at semi final between both side while everyone had lost hope of winning when indias runrate stoped at 260 then again when wicket started falling indian crowd was cheering before tv sets and before last over no body new what was going to happen. Now after winning world cup cricket 2011 would india able to grab the final cup at final tommorow thats a story

121 crore indian population cencus 2011

Congrats,Though the rate of growth of indias population dropped 3.9 and 74 percent population are pare like babu the 121 crore population is still 17.64 percent more. And this can have a bad impact on counties economy. Though the country is controlled by pratibha patil the rate of ladies child dyeing pre birth did not abolishehed .U.P TOPPED WITH 20 CRORE 11.23 crore maharastra 2nd and bihar with 10.38. Luxadeep with 64429 population. Man women ratio is 940 per 1000. While at jammu kashmir, bihar and gujrat above ratio decreased. Punjab and harayana have average of 830 and 846 per 1000 men. Up has 69.72 and jharkand 67.63 literate ratio and bihar lowest.


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