Monday, July 11, 2011

new broadband plan from airtel

airtel has choosen 10 main metro namely delhi gaziabad faridabad noida gurgaon banglore mumbai pune hydrabad and chennai where customer on availing 499 broadband plan would get 2 mbps network while other city would get 1 mbps the difference is due to lack of proper infrastructure through out india

free data card from mts

Mts telecom has launched new scheme to attract postpaid customers with this plan . in this plan if customers pays 3 months advance bill they would get a datacard free if the consumer buys Rs 2097 plan he gets 3gb data per month while choosing 2379  plan would entiteled him for 6gb permonth plan for 3 months

huwai honeycombtablet

the latest android 3.2 version of tablet was launched with huwai huwai is the media pad with 7 inch first gadgets based on android  honeycomb 3.2 version operating system launched with 1.3 mp front and 5 mp rear camera on the mediapad you can watch high defination video and record hd video. huwai mediapad has intregated 1.2 ghz processor which gives pleasing internet experience

playbook and zoom on line launched

longwaited tablet phone even before it was available on line with web site indiaplaza dot com and on naaptol dot com home shop 18 dot com . the gadget blackberry playbook 32 gb is available online indiaplaza dot com at 38900 and 64 gb priced at 45900 with a seven days home delivery on purchase from below mentioned links while  the motorola zoom ist andrid version 3.o   16gb wifi,3g is available at 38500
motorola zoom is also availble to check out more on gadgets and gprs on gadget and digital stuff

make money from your blogs

Monday, july 12 , 2011
Legitimate Work from home jobs
There are many sites on the Internet offering work at home business opportunities. mostof themare fly by night operatorswho do not have no intention to pay you While almost 90% , there are still some legitimate online businesses that can make something for ..One can expect to make money online from such sites, ranging  from a minimum of $1000 per month to as high as $15,000+ per month..One needs to dedicate around 2 to 3 hrs per day initially. The type of work can vary from data entry to blogging, giving expert advice to network marketing..So, anyone can esaily make money at home. For most of these sites, your country of residence won't matter, as the payment is made via alertpay or Paypal

 Get paid to display ads on your site
the easiest way to get paid is to display other people ads on you website if you own one it only works if you have lot of visitor coming your way atleast 20000 or more that way with average click rate of 1 to 3 percent you still make money when some one clicks on the ads you display matches their interest, but sad most of the visitor are ad blind and simply ignore them plus internet is full of tire kickers and infoseeker which cant be converted
 you can use various programs like adsense chitika,adbrite to display ads on your sites..You can even create a free website like here at Blogspot and then display these adsbut does effect you online reputation When visitors to your site clicks on these ads, you will get paid a portion of the earnings from these clicks..The earnings can range from $0.1 per click to as high as $15 per click. You do not require any HTML knowledge or anything..Just select the ad and cut paste the code they provide on your siteand its done.

Below are such sites;
a) Google AdSense - The best pay per click program on the internet, with a very good earning potential from $100 to $20000 per month, depending on the traffic you get for your site.but the ad quality is poor you cant control the rate plus ads are not targeted I have explained this program in detail below.

b) AdBrite - Another good site offering a similar pay-per click program. its 3rd best after chitika

c) Bidvertiser - A PPC program with good customization features.

 Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Programs involves a website which sells product or services introduced to visitors by another website. The Publisher(like you) of the helping website is called an affiliate and the website which runs the affiliate programs is usually called merchant. So basically, the site pays you to promote their product and you only get paid when anybody actually buy the product
AMAZON EBAY are examples.
a) Agloco - This one is one of the newest sites on the internet which offers a very good earnings for doing simple things like downloading their toolbar and doing your search on Google.unfotunately this site is sold

b) Commision Junction - Sign up is easy. You put in your contact details , URL for the website you will be using, then you can log into the network of website that offer affiliate programs. The earning potential is huge from 5000$ to 25000$ per month.yeah but they are choosy which website they are at

c) ClixGalore - Another good affiliate program, with a good earning potential.

d) Click Bank - one of the leading networks with over 15000 digital products to choose from including eBooks,softwares, etc, recently been auired by another company

e) LinkShare - When a visitor from your website clicks on the link and goes to the merchant site, Linkshare keeps track of the transactions that your site visitor makes. If the visitor buys some thing on the merchant's site, you get a commission.

 Get paid using Google Adsense on your site

Google Adsense is one of the best PPC (pay per click) programs out there..This is for web site publishers. If you do not have your own site, but would like to get one, you can get all the details at;

Here is how it works;
To be able to earn a good amount from this program, you need to have a good amount of targetted traffic coming to your site... for that you have to have old reputed site with atleast 20000 or more visitor to make theprogram really work for you, without traffic you are dead,The placement of the ads on the pages also matter a lot...You can have a look at the "heat map" below to see, which areas have a very high user attraction and can place the ads accordingly.

You should also have the keywords listed on top of the pages and in the title of your web site..This would give you a higher rankings on the search engines.
Even though you might not get a very good earnings initially, you need to be patient as over time, you will gain a lot of knowledge and can make a very good income just from this program.

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 Get paid to write
If you are a freelance writer, you can earn a good income writing for sites, which require content. You do not have to be an expert writer, but need to provide fresh original content to these sites.
a) Fabjobs - This site was ranked #1 by Writer's Digest, the world's most poplular magazine for writers is one of the site which after getting aproved send you offer to write review on their product and on successfull completion you get pais
b) Write For Cash - This site will pay you $10 to $15 per article, that you can write on topics that interest you.

c) Method Shop - Another very good site with great earning potential. It will pay you around $20 to $200, depending on the length/quality of the article that you provide.

d) Manuscript Services - This site is for talented writers, for writing articles on proofreading, ghost writing, research papers, essay writing, etc The payment is very good and can range from anywhere between £50 to £200 per 1000 words.

e) EduWriters - You can earn $8 to $20 per page for writing articles here.

 Get paid to take simple surveys
Online research companies pay you to take simple surverys on various products/services. The payment can vary from $1 to $20 per survey. The time per survey can vary from 5 mins to 30 mins.
a) Ciao - One of the best sites for taking surverys with very good payouts from $1 to $25 per survey. You can take surverys based on your interest.

 Virtual Call Center Jobs
If you are looking for providing customer support right from your home, you can sign up for these virtual call center jobs. All you need is a PC with decent internet connection and a good quality headphones.
a) Working Solutions - This site offers various types of work including data entry, customer service for reservations, tech support etc. The payment varies from $10 to $30 per hour.

b) O'currance - This is mainly for people located in the US.

 Get paid for the pictures you shoot
Want to make money from your photos? If yes, just register and submit your photos. You'll get paid each time, someone downloads your pictures.
a) Shutter Stock - This site will pay you around $0.2 to $0.3 per picture. So, you can easily earn $300 per month or $3600 per year, if your pic is downloaded around 1000 times per month.

b) Big Stock Photo - This site will offer you around 50 cents per downloaded picture.

c) US Photo Stock - Another easy to join site which will offer you around 50-60 cents per downloaded picture. Payment is made via Paypal.

 Get paid to post on Forums
Many sites will pay you for posting on their forums. They also pay you to get new members as referrals. The earning potential is very good on such sites.
a) Post on my forum

b) Paid Post

c) Revver - Get paid to share your videos

There are many such genuine sites that I'll keep on adding regularly, as I come across them.
If you would like to share your ideas regarding any similar sites, please post them here, so that people can benefit from them.

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