Friday, April 1, 2011

Best tricks to improve luck

Daily there are times you should avoid going out if you have to go during those do the following tricks
monday between 7.3
to 9am see your face in the mirror,before leaving toward east,
tuesday eat coriander seed before going to the west at 15 to 16.3
wednesday eat joggery before going out,thursday have curd,friday have musturd,saturday have black peeper,sunday betal leaf.

Horoscope 2011 change your fate

If you want to change the fate you just wear this stones and notice the change in your life.buying and wearing wont work you have make them alive with mantras you can do it yourself or through a pandit.or we can do it for you for a nominal charge.
scor red stone
leo ruby or sun stone
sagatarius_yellow diamond

Horoscope 2011 aries special

You give more time to family and friends, from 2 nd , 3rd and 4th april goodtime have arrived,your desire is going to fulfill, new job or offer on the card,you may face bad situation in love relation beware enemy,your old investment would give you benefit can get good profit from stock would win in property related matter.dont say bad words to get good news between 24 and above average month

Salary hike minister?why!

Double salary from 8k to 25k p.m and regional allowence from 12. To 25k stationary from 1k to 5 k furniture allow to 50k from 25k,daily all to 1k pension incresed but what about normal public where 6% increase in da donot have any impact infact decreasing salary via depriciation

New bus code

Now fancy bus body with no cover for accident is effective immediately for new buses where as for old bus a chance to change body has been given till october thereafter buses would be seized

World cup 2011 will India win

A smashing play at semi final between both side while everyone had lost hope of winning when indias runrate stoped at 260 then again when wicket started falling indian crowd was cheering before tv sets and before last over no body new what was going to happen. Now after winning world cup cricket 2011 would india able to grab the final cup at final tommorow thats a story

121 crore indian population cencus 2011

Congrats,Though the rate of growth of indias population dropped 3.9 and 74 percent population are pare like babu the 121 crore population is still 17.64 percent more. And this can have a bad impact on counties economy. Though the country is controlled by pratibha patil the rate of ladies child dyeing pre birth did not abolishehed .U.P TOPPED WITH 20 CRORE 11.23 crore maharastra 2nd and bihar with 10.38. Luxadeep with 64429 population. Man women ratio is 940 per 1000. While at jammu kashmir, bihar and gujrat above ratio decreased. Punjab and harayana have average of 830 and 846 per 1000 men. Up has 69.72 and jharkand 67.63 literate ratio and bihar lowest.


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