Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hacking Ptc sites myths and reality

Thousand of people are surfing the net every day more making more and more money on the net, some the legal way while other want it the other way around. But most of them are using other way mostly fall victim of scams which is targeted to the such people. Hackers and crackers are hand full  and most of them claim is false. So real people with real programming language to a expert level.
  Now coming back to the point is PTc site which pays users for viewing ads or reading emails on their website pays cents and takes hours of works daily to get the money out of them. Left clicking them and then modifying the last few digit to get a valid click is gone old as ptc sites are getting smarter and smarter by introducing new anti fraud technology to prevent such event. Still people try to out smart the anti fraud software trying to forget that what you are looking on the net is also pursued by the smart people and figuring out some thing way ahead before you can cash them out.
 So what is the solution,solution is building some thing yourself and earn through it. start with suidoo lense for instance


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