Saturday, July 23, 2011

harry potter it all ends 7 15 review and download

harry potter had long series and i think this is the end in the story with a fierce battle between harry's sworn enemy voldamort finally i think dies destroying near about half the hogwart university of magic, surprisingly in the end harry is also shown with his issue his son who was named after the deceased professor in the battle between harry and voldamort , in this story harry faced death to kill a part of voldamort which reside within the harry potter ,he also came to know that half blood prince was in love with harry mother who was killed due to an conspiracy between dumbledoor harry came to knew that it was the half blood price that save harry in many place humm but the former episode of harry potter showed some thing else didnt it.
the movie started with half blood prince who joined group with voldamort then harry potter was seen searching for the piece of cups which held the life of voldamort he found one in the bank where he and his friend went in to get in disguise where any thing they touch doubled they escaped with the help of dragon that was the keeper of the gate other part of the cup was in the castle with the help of dumbledoors brother they went to hogwart through the secret passage  
where he was confronted with the half blood prince he was saved by another proffessor of the hogwart the one who turned into cat. 
here while harry searched for the final jewel while vol;damort and his friend attacked hogwart to stop them harry found the jewel and destroyed it while he was chased by others there he learned that another part of voldamort life is in the snake so he with the ressuraction jewel confronted voldamort volmort killed him but harry came back for death with the help of ressuraction stone then in the last battle he managed to kill the voldamort and then the wand was destroyed by harrypotter lastly harry and harmony was seen in sending their sons and daughter to the school of magic hogwart express downlad  the movie form mobile movie net



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