Friday, September 23, 2011

Police Friend or Foe

A few days before the Delhi High court bomb blast event where 17 person died, after the incident the NSA and NIA still today could not decide that what type of explosive were used in the Blast. The three forensic labs situated at Newdelhi,Hydrabad and Chandigarh gave seperate reports on the structure of the  explosive. Home minister has now asked to find a combined report on the explosive through its labs at Gandhinagar.
   The memory of above incident not even blurred when Delhi police issued two images of suspect which so unclear that dozens of people could be arrested on the base of the pictures, The home ministry are blaming each other for the incident which control police administration of both the cities.
   NIA still could not decide weather the email id  used hacked or of the original user.
  This is the story of Capital which was given 1350 crore to modernisation of police.
Mumbai is much different from New Delhi where after the 13th july explos.
ion which tolled 26 lives, and the Police administration could not decide what type of explosive was used. Two agency took away the parts and Police just kicking in the dark to find what ?
  Indian Police is in upside down state,Years of neglect had made it possible. Now the situation is so bad that it hardly can't tackle properly the 10.9 percent crime rate.
  It is inefficient in tackling situation like terrorism. out of 18 bomb blast 6 remains unsolved,
Out of 20 million needed police personal there is a shortage of 5 million police jawans.
 Infact India has a lowest rate of police personal per million 128 per million instead of 222 required
 Only increasing Police personal would not solve any problem the existing force should be retrained with modern weapons and technology along with a strict care to physical fitness,motivating scheme ample option for promotion and encourgement to make this possible, After the 6th pay commission no one is receiving less then 22 thousand per month in Indian rupees, but very few cops out there is honest and are really good and that;s why the police department still exists,
  Police could not be entirely blamed for their failure, there need to be ample investment in modern equipment weapons bomb disposal units and other important thing in order to make a well formed unit.
  The Police department has the highest curroption rate in government department, if you would lodge a fir you have to pay in most of the cases, police has become power for rich person and person holding position and power,
 Today people go to the police department not for the salary but beyond that, I donot know how Anna hazare lokpal bill will impact police department, As a post of commissioner of police is for 25 lacks to 1.25 crore as it can fetch the cash from political parties for turning a blind eye on them.
 I never seen any large politician or filmstar stay in jail for more than a week or month before they are free.
 This does not mean there is no hope, there is but only after proper investment in police personal and proper training and instead of old 2nd world war weapon like .303 and carbine they should be equiped with Ak47 and Mouzer to deal with crime in the city.too bad on purchase of eqipment there is large scams or ghotala that stop payment on equipment purchase higher than market price almost double,
 Long live India


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