Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3g mania truth behind the wall

every thing thats glitter is not always gold works well with india s telecom market some time back when the news of 3g launch hit people dreamed of fast video calling online gaming online television and so on but the truth was far behind the imagination of indian citizen. The telecom operator bought the 3g spectrum at a high bid in hope of cashing them from premium users but in reality their network infrastructure is so bad that it cannot even support the basic broadband connection beyond 15 to 144 kbps leave alone 3g where speed go well above 100mbps above, it is well known that the 3g is not cheaply priced so is the broadband plans that the telecos are selling to the public is . you would not get anything less than the Rs 500   atleast for a decent monthly plan but the bandwidth we recieve for the money is not even the half for example if you use bsnl 3g you would only notice a speed of upto 200 kbps on a 3mbps network why the bandwidth capping when you are paying for the good speed similarly broadband connection only get a dialup connection of 16 to 25 kbps inspite of promised 154 kbps, ok not in thepeak hour but in the non peak hours if you get the same amount of speed what is meaning of spending so much money on useless junk of tata photon wiz, its  the money they are after theyshould learn to give the speed also


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