Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anna and Lokpal bill

India is harvested by curroption we have seen it from school day, when taking admission need forced donation or bribe in another word to bypass the curropt system. Now in the service you cannot get your own work done without paying up. Our system are too slow and speed it up we need to juice it up with cash weather we like or not anna and 20 other member in his group of top supporter was created after the big scam of asian games at delhi then the idea of movement against curroption came in vision. Govt and its organisation is deep rooted with corruption private sector is also not exempted at this time no curropt leaders any way involved in curropt practise would use all resource to stop the lokpal bill as it may put them in danger for their past deeds would be reopened. If passed they would try to put in condition to create loophole for them to escape. At that time how much anna hazre old advocate would succeed is a different story


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